We're different by design

Our Unique approach is tailored to your needs, built on TD Bank's financial strength and driven by our customer-first culture.

Our powerfully simple approach to partnership programs

Strong approval rates & credit limits

It’s simple. More approved customers with more available credit can buy more. So we designed a customized underwriting model that looks at more than credit bureau. This gives us – and you – a distinct advantage over the competition.

  • Maximized approvals & line assignments
Woman helping customers pick fabric swatches for furniture

Comprehensive omni-channel marketing

Our strategy is to support your business. We look at how you talk to your customers and then we work collaboratively to enhance it. So, if social media works for you, it works for us. Or TV. Or email.

  • User-centered design focused on customer experience
  • Your customers' shopping behaviors drive our program strategy

Seamless technology integration

For us, technology is a valuable resource that lets us get closer to our – and your – customers. We’ll equip you with the right tools for growth in a fast-paced, technology-based marketplace. Here’s just an idea of what we can do for you.

  • Create an integrated, end-to-end application and shopping experience
  • Support omni-channel shoppers with enhanced customer journeys